Do you know there are two ski resorts on Mt. Fuji? We will visit one of them called Fujiten Snow Resort. That is the nearest ski resort from Tokyo.

After taking some pictures at Lake Kawaguchi, just enjoy playing with snow there. Even if you have no experience of skiing or snowboarding, snow sledding and making snow balls are very fun! It must be a good activity expecially for kids. They cannot stop running and playing when they see snow!

This is one-way tour from Tokyo to see Snow Monkey at Jigokudani Monkey Park and enjoy apple or strawberry picking.

We stop there to watch wild monkeys called "Snow Monkey". They take a bath in a hot spring. You cannot see that kind of monkeys anywhere else in the world!

Please enjoy apple picking from September to early December, and strawberry picking from early December or later on the way.

We drop you off at Iiyama Shinkansen station to go back to Tokyo or head for Kanazawa or Karuizawa. The last stop is Nozawa Onsen Bus Terminal.

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